Bernie Sanders Sits Around St. Louis


Well, there was one big star at President Joe Biden's inauguration yesterday and sorry, Lady Gaga, it wasn't you.

An image of Bernie Sanders sulking in a chair wearing a casual puffy coat and knitted mittens was the thing that we'll all remember the most from this event, because it quickly became a meme that spread across the world.

Photoshopped versions of Sanders selling merch at shows and sitting on a park bench with Forrest Gump emerged mere minutes after the grumpy Vermont senator started going viral on social media.

A new website, by @nick_sawhney, has merged this famous photo of Sanders with Google Street View to produce hilarious results.

Simply enter an address or location of your choice and it will spit out an image of Bernie Sanders sitting there in a parka looking unsatisfied.

We checked out how Sanders would look sitting around St. Louis and the results were delightful.

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