Before-and-After Photos Reveal Just How Much St. Louis Has Changed


St. Louis has been an underdog for decades, but our creativity, resiliency and inventiveness is shining brighter than ever lately. Even at the worst of times, St. Louis may have been down, but she's never been out.

Sure, we have our issues, but we also have businesses desperate to plant roots here, a thriving art scene and some of the best food in the whole country. And our recent advances have been reflected on our streets, so there have been some huge makeovers recently in some of your favorite neighborhoods.

Some of the biggest changes we’ve seen in recent years are also some of the most important. The lid over the highway that lets tourists easily access the new museum at the Arch, for example, will benefit the city for generations to come. And the construction of state-of-the-art hospital spaces along Kingshighway has not only completely changed the skyline in that area, but provided St. Louis residents with an impressive healthcare hub.

That's not to say that redevelopment doesn't come with a cost, however. Gentrification is displacing lower-income populations, we’ve lost some beautiful historic buildings and some of our areas have become a battleground as major corporations are hot to invade (and grab tax incentives, naturally).

We may not know for years to come how all of our plans will shake out, but for now we can at least look back and admire the changes with these before-and-after photos of our city. Isn’t she lovely?

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