This Amazing Civil War-Era Brewery-Turned-House in South City Is Just $140K


Living in St. Louis, we get used to the fact that gorgeous (and huge!) old houses are regularly available for a song. But even we were were stunned by the details on this beauty in the Patch neighborhood, just a block or two from Stacked Burger Bar. Not only is it gigantic at 4,800 square feet, but it has a fascinating history as a brewery, saloon and then soda bottling plant, according to its Coldwell Banker listing. Writes the listing agent, "Still has the 15' cistern originally used for water collection. It has the double StL cave basement I've heard rumors of but never seen -- 2nd cellar below the 1st basement with wide stairs and limestone archways!" Oh, and get this -- it's completely livable right now, and just needs a bit of TLC.

Take a look and see if 126 Koeln Avenue could be your dream house. All photos courtesy of Coldwell Banker.