Abandoned Crestwood Plaza Mall Revealed in Newly Remastered Images


Three years ago, soon after the Crestwood Plaza was closed for good, photographer Dan Wampler got permission to photograph the abandoned shopping mall. After he shared the ghostly images with the Riverfront Times, they went viral.

Before the mall was razed earlier this year, Wampler was approached by someone within Crestwood political circles. They hoped to use his photos for a black-tie event and gallery show. Wampler agreed, with the caveat at the events would benefit the Siteman Cancer Patient Fund.

After Wampler remastered nineteen of his original images, however, the plans fell apart. Hoping to aid cancer patients and put his work to good use in spite of the cancellations, Wampler is now publishing a book, Remembering Crestwood. A portion of every book sale will go to the cancer fund; Wampler will have the books delivered in time for Christmas.

For more about the book, check out danwampler.com – and also take a look at his gorgeous eerie images on our website.

Interested in learning how to shoot these types of photos? Wampler frequently offers workshops and training; see his website for more detail.

September 20, 2016

Photos by Dan Wampler

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