A McDonald’s-Themed Metal Band Called Mac Sabbath Played the Firebird Last Night (Yes, Really)


You've never seen a concert -- or McDonald's -- quite like this.

Mac Sabbath took the Firebird stage on March 29. Using an abundance of smoke, the L.A.-based band plays Sabbath tunes with lyrics rewritten to focus on -- you guessed it -- fast food. With songs like "Fryin' Pan" (to the tune of "Iron Man") and McDonald's themed costumes, the four men in the band definitely put on a show to remember. Their stage names -- Slayer McCheese, Grimalice, the Catburglar (aka Peter Criss Cut Fries) and Ronald Osbourne -- top off the hunger-inducing spectacle.

Click through to experience the greasy glory -- or find yourself amid the madness.


Photos by Steve Truesdell