8 St. Louis Homes for Sale Within Walking Distance of Shake Shack


Let's face it: St. Louis is officially obsessed with Shake Shack. ​We have a hard time believing the Pope himself could draw this combination of excited crowds and media hype.

​But while we have your attention, we thought we'd shift it over to what's become the city's most cosmopolitan neighborhood. ​While most people lining up at Danny Meyer's new eatery have to fight for a parking spot, others are more lucky: They can walk right over.

Now, the neighborhood isn't cheap -- the days when most people could afford a single-family home in the CWE are long gone -- but we were able to find homes in a variety of price ranges no more than 1.5 miles away from Shake Shack. That's close enough to walk over for lunch, right? Click through, and get ready to make your dreams come true.

Photos courtesy of Estately unless otherwise noted.