29 Must-Visit LGBTQ-Friendly Bars and Businesses in St. Louis


Do you want to hit up the hottest gay bar? Are you a man wanting to buy your husband a bouquet without getting dirty looks? Are you in the process of transitioning and in need of a specialty tailor to alter your clothes? Or do you just want a place where everyone feels emphatically welcome ... gay, straight, and all points in between? St. Louis has all of this and more.

As a bright blue dot in a big red state, St. Louis has long been an oasis for LGBTQIA+ people born in neighboring communities, and for good reason. Our thriving queer culture will make you proud to be from the Lou.

If you want to spend your money in a gay way, these are the spots to drop those dollars where you won’t need to hide your love. All of these local businesses will joyfully welcome you (and your partner) with open arms. Some are LGBTQIA+ owned, and others are just super gay friendly -- either way, you can't go wrong.