22 Chill Patios to Visit This Weekend


St. Louis is home to many, many delightful patios — and yes, that's something we've covered time and again. (See this list, and this one, and this one, and !) But let's face it: You can't always get a seat at Bar Italia or Scape, and sometimes even the vast garden at McGurk's doesn't have a free table. When the weather has everyone dreaming of dining al fresco, you may want to try one of these under-the-radar patios instead. Some of these places have only recently opened (or reopened); others are simply a bit more off-the-beaten track. Either way, they're worth a try when the weather is hot and the rest of the city is patiently standing line, waiting for a table at Vin de Set.
-- with contributions from Cheryl Baehr, Evan Sult and Sarah Fenske

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