26 Photos That Show the Ghostly Beauty of Cementland Today


Photographer Dan Wampler got to see an amazing sight last week: the late Bob Cassilly's final, unfinished project, Cementland.

Cassilly, the genius behind City Museum, died in September 2011 while working at the former cement plant turned public art installation. Since that time, the 54-acre project has not been open to the public, other than the intrepid urban explorers and trespassers defying on-site security. Wampler was lucky enough to get permission to shoot there.

The creative director for Life Pixel, Wampler writes that being in the midst of Cassilly's abandoned dream was "surreal," describing "castles built from thousands of cobblestones. Discarded items recycled and re-purposed into eye catching designs and structures. At first glance, the entire place seems a chaotic jumble of ... stuff. Then I started to see a pattern, a design in the chaos."

Wampler shot these images with two Canon 7DMKIIs, one color and one converted to Super Color Infrared, which utilizes a key portion of the light spectrum that the human eye can't see -- creating ghostly, gorgeous images. For more on Wampler, check out his Facebook page or get details about his upcoming workshops.


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