20 Hidden St. Louis Patios and How to Find Them


What could be more idyllic than a drink outside on a summer night? And while St. Louis has no shortage of sidewalk tables and prominent patios spilling out onto the street, others keep a lower profile. Tucked away from cars and pedestrians, surrounded by ivy-covered walls or tall trees, they're the Gateway City version of a secret garden.

This summer, why not seek out a new spot for drinking and dining al fresco? Whether you're looking for a romantic spot hidden from prying eyes or a big party in one of the most expansive courtyards you've ever seen (we're looking at you, McGurk's), this list has something for everyone. The one common denominator: All of them offer a place to eat and drink away from exhaust fumes and car-driven chaos — and the perfect spot for a night under the stars.

By Elizabeth Semko

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