20 Free Things to Do in St. Lou That Go Beyond the Zoo


Few things in St. Louis are more cherished than the zoo. The fact that it is completely free is a point of greater pride for many St. Louisans than even the accomplishments of their offspring, who honestly tend to be pretty much a disappointment.

But you can't go to the zoo every weekend ... and some weekends, you may not even want to. As the heat bears down it is felt by animal and man alike, and with the place positively crawling with visitors from Jefferson County, good times can be in short supply. What is a typical St. Louisan — thrifty as the scrubby Dutch, wily as a fox, prone to seek out intoxication — supposed to do for fun?

That’s where we come in. Below you will find no less than twenty things to do in St. Louis this summer that are completely free of charge. Read up and get ready to save some pennies.

- Daniel Hill

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