20 St. Louis Brunch Spots You Should Try ASAP


Let’s face it: Even your favorite place to brunch isn’t always the best place to brunch. Where you should go depends on a host of factors: What you’re craving. With whom you’re dining. Even, perhaps, how hungover you are.

This handy guide attempts to cover some of the more common predicaments we’ve found ourselves in — from needing to accommodate a big party to needing a place that will satisfy our twin longings of hunger and horniness. Read on, and prepare to be inspired.

P.S.: can't get enough? The RFT's brunch issue is hitting the streets, and our annual United We Brunch event is coming to The Moto Museum on Saturday. Basically, it's one of the best (and most delicious) weeks of 2017 yet. You're welcome.

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