18 Things That St. Louis Stubbornly Insists on Calling By the Wrong Name


St. Louis has its own language. It's very easy for us to tell if you are not from the area if you can't follow our specific cultural clues. In addition to our vowel-twisting accents, you must also learn our words if you want to fit in and not be immediately exposed as an outsider. Once you've studied our ways, this sentence will make complete sense to you: "I left my house in the Grove on the way to Riverport and made a stop in Dogtown near where they had the Checkerdome. But once I got on 40 and realized that I was going to have to put up with all of those hoosiers there, I decided that I'd better grab some food first from the Bread Co. So I got a soda and some fancy version of muskacholi."

Read on for eighteen things that you have to speak St. Louis to understand.

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