17 Photos Showing the Beauty of St. Louis’ CityArchRiver Renovations


It's been a few years now since the CityArchRiver project began -- a $250 million undertaking designed to better connect the Gateway Arch with both downtown and the Mississippi River. And though the project is still underway -- a construction fence surrounds the Arch base, and work continues on the new "lid" that connects the Arch grounds with the rest of downtown -- parts of the project are now finished and look simply fabulous.

Photographer Benjamin Scherliss has worked with one of the consultants on the CityArchRiver project, Randy Burkett Lighting Design. At their invitation, he shot the renovated grounds on two different occasions last month. Notes Scherliss, "Ironically the two evenings I shot the grounds the Arch was actually unlit, as they were doing upgrades on its lighting source. But this was actually serendipitous for a couple of the images, where the pink hues from a gorgeous sunset were better-reflected by the Arch without its usual bright lighting."

Check out the gorgeous images of the new lighted walkways and grounds, and then follow Scherliss on Instagram to see more of his work.