14 Photos Showing the Progress Underway on Arch Ground Renovations


The northern grounds of the Gateway Arch are set to be completed this fall after an overhaul designed to improve access, connect the national monument with the rest of downtown and improve on-site amenities. The area, previously covered by a parking lot connected to the Metro station, will include an amphitheater, a children’s area, a pedestrian and bike path, and a river overlook. The entire $380 million project is hoped to be finished by 2017, CityArchRiver spokesman Ryan McClure says.

“We’re nearing completing,” McClure says. “There isn’t an exact date, but we’re pretty sure we’re going to meet that time frame.”

The amphitheater and surrounding area will be able to fit roughly as many attendees as the Pageant, McClure says. It's hoped that the activities on-site and the foot traffic from the national park will bring new customers to businesses on the landing.

CityArchRiver opened the site to media tours on June 15. Here’s what the RFT's Kavahn Mansouri saw on-site.