10 Gramophone

The Gramophone

When the Gramophone (4243 Manchester Avenue, 314-531-5700) announced in 2015 it was switching gears from being a music club to a “sandwich pub,” music fans were seriously bummed out — but they shouldn’t have been. After all, anyone can host live music. It takes real skill to make great sandwiches … and the team beyond this bar has just that. The steadily increasing roster of options here are simply spectacular, with creative combinations of quality ingredients piled high. Add a side of loaded mashed potatoes or broccoli salad, and you’ve got a solid base to soak up no small amount of booze. Which is a good thing, since the vibe here remains distinctly conducive to drinking. Grab a seat on the patio or in one of the two large rooms facing Manchester and give in to the great selections of both food and drink.

Photo courtesy of Mabel Suen