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Three Sixty

Three Sixty (1 South Broadway, 314-241-8439) could easily get away with crappy food or snobby service. After all, when you’ve got a view this grand — as the name suggests, it’s 360 degrees of dazzling vistas, encompassing the river, downtown and beyond — you don’t need to provide much in the way of hospitality; the beautiful people will come regardless. And since when do beautiful people even eat? Fortunately, though, the team at LHM has been unwilling to relax their standards even when they could easily do so, and so every time we’ve visited, we’ve found ourselves struck not only by the friendly service but also by cuisine that genuinely dazzles. Tuck into a tuna poke bowl or a plate of oysters at the bar on a summer night, and you’ll swear you’re in paradise. Vegetarians won’t suffer here, either; unusually for St. Louis, close to half the menu items are fair game even if you don’t believe in animals dying so you can eat

Photo courtesy of Sara Bannoura