Dressel’s Public House

One of the city’s most charming pubs, Dressel’s Public House (419 North Euclid Avenue, 314-361-1060) also happens to be serving one of its tastiest food menus, as anyone who’s sampled the justifiably famous pretzel here can surely attest. (Dunked in the accompanying Welsh rarebit, it’s so good you simply won’t be able to stop until you’ve eaten the whole thing.) This place is a bit more up-market than, say, Southtown Pub or Super’s Bungalow, but it remains a bar at its core; you’ll be equally comfortable tucking into steak frites or getting your buzz on at the bar, something few restaurants can say. In the summer, you can enjoy the surprisingly large sidewalk seating area on Euclid. The winter, however, is when Dressel’s is at its best, as the cozy environs and two fireplaces provide a perfect backdrop to the stick-to-your-ribs farm-to-table fare. Unusually for a bar, the kids’ menu is also a good one.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Silverberg