Super’s Bungalow

Is Super’s Bungalow (5623 Leona Street) a great bar that just so happens to host an amazing barbecue joint? Or is the Stellar Hog an amazing barbecue joint that happens to be embedded within a great bar? It’s hard to care when the outcome is as good as the operation here. When pitmaster Alex Cupp bought the nearly 90-year-old dive bar a few years back, regulars must have worried — but rather than change Super’s down-home vibe, Cupp’s Stellar Hog-branded barbecue has instead given us even more reason to visit. The Holly Hills institution still has the same old Budweiser Clydesdales trotting in a glass globe above the bar; the only difference is that now they’re joined by a pig motif too. Take a seat on the patio or in the surprisingly large dining area to the side of the bar and order up a plate of Cupp’s terrific barbecue. What could be better prep for a night of heavy drinking at one of St. Louis’ finest establishments?

Photo courtesy of Mabel Suen