03 TAMM Macs

Tamm Avenue Grill

A low-key bar in the heart of Dogtown, Tamm Avenue Grill (1227 Tamm Avenue, 314-461-4902) would be worth visiting even without the amazing burger joint embedded within. But with that? Total St. Louis destination. Via a window in the back of the bar, Mac’s Local Eats offers not only some of the tastiest burgers in the city, but some of the most humanely raised ones. Proprietor Chris McKenzie got his start championing local farmers through the CSA Mac’s Local Buys, and he’s remained committed to its principles even though he’s now running the kitchen at a bar just as popular with south-city bros as consciously ethical eaters. But hey, what his customers don’t know can help them …. and take a few important steps towards healing the Earth too. Care only about taste, not doing good? You’ll still be thrilled with Mac’s perfectly seared beef and “Zip Fries,” which are coated in Red Hot Riplet dust for a truly inspired snack.

Photo courtesy of Mabel Suen