Southtown Pub

A lot of bars claim they serve good food — but can you think of any where the food is impressive enough to sustain a robust catering business on the side? Southtown Pub (3707 South Kingshighway Boulevard, 314-833-3999) is the only one we can think of, an achievement even more impressive in that this Northampton establishment isn’t a fancy cocktail bar with big ambitions or even a bar that’s lured a top chef to run the kitchen à la Tamm Avenue Grill or the Whiskey Ring. It’s simply a bar-bar that happens to serve great food. And we mean great. It’s not just that you can soak up the booze with “Hoosier Nachos” (basically nachos topped with barbecue) or “Southtown Atomic turds” (smoked jalapeño stuffed with chorizo and cream cheese). It’s that this noisy no-frills pub is also serving some of the best barbecue in a city that’s increasingly full of above-average options. A host of sandwiches and dinner platters offer creative ways to take down your smoked meats, and we can vouch for the fact that they hold up even when you’re sober. Now there’s a feat worthy of a visit… or maybe even a catering contract.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Fenske